A 'Wake-up-to-cast-spells-trigger'

Now, here’s a nice spell-up idea…..what if zmud knew if you were sleeping when a spell dropped and woke up to cast it?
Here’s how you might do it:

Alias: Sl
#var sleep 1

Never use sleep again to go to sleep….type SL instead so zmud knows you are sleeping…

Alias: Wk
#var sleep 0

Use WK to wake up, zmud now knows you are awake, you’ll get used to it anyway because it stands up for you too :)
I assume you have triggers like:

^The detect invisible wears off.$
cast ‘detect invisibility’

Change the commands on all these spellup triggers to:

#if (@sleep = 1) {wk}
cast ‘whatever spell it is’

Again, think of expanding this to maybe a difference in regenning and just falling asleep…maybe you want to go to sleep again after the spell….just make a new variable regen then and put #if (@regen = 1) {sl} after casting the spell then….think of something cool :)

Also, you could make triggers to have zmud see if you are going to sleep and wake up again. Lots of possibilities.