Vincent Edelman

Vincent's main concern was the website design and all zmud related stuff. Now he is off the Dark Side and working on his own project, the Nomads.

Inspiration comes from nicotine and tar combined in a well rolled cigarette.

Currently, he is very busy in real life: he finally achieved to get hired by a daring corporation ;-)

Main Character: Vincent

Born as a troll in a cold and damp cave, Vincent moved to Moonglow at the age of 17 in search of knowledge, power  and gleaming gold coins. Moonglow was a friendly place, and soon the villagers noted his presence. There were those that thought him the ways of utilizing powerful magic's by potions and scrolls readily available in shops. Others gave a hand by gathering some nice pieces of equipment. And there were even some who used their magic to save him when things got nasty. No-one , however, had to teach him the noble art of fighting. Being a Troll Warrior and blessed with the maximum strength any mortal being can have, Vincent managed to deal massive blows to even stronger opponents. Time passed and there were Guild masters to teach much needed new skills. It was time to leave again, time to wonder away from the safe city. Vincent sought friends and grouped with them, combining strength and wisdom to be able to oppose formidable foes.

It was not the ferocious creatures that were a threat however, but all those traps laid out in the times when Chaos ruled the Realm. Many a deathtrap was paid a visit by Vincent in those days and even now he sometimes meets familiar places he did not want to come across anymore. Our Warrior lost many sets of equipment to them and many experience. Then it happened, the moment that would shock the Realm again. After another untimely death, he got angry. Angry with the traps, angry with those who build them, angry with those who did not help... angry with himself. In a state of  rage and berserk, he sought counseling with the dark secretary. This sinister figure advised to sign the Book of Blood, where all life ends. Vincent signed.

Those were the days when he was a strong troll warrior indeed, but it must be said that he was at that time by far the least of the other beings who had signed the book. So it happened Vincent had many worries, his life was in potential danger continually. But it tasted sweet. The smell of fear, adrenaline and anxiety came upon him. The threat of your fellow villagers, friends, or other people being able to hunt you down like a dog finally made the Warrior Vincent realize why had been born again: To kill.

Another Troll took notice of this, he is known by the name of Kymon. He saw a strong and ruthless warrior, yet still very young and inexperienced. By some twist of faith Kymon became Vincent's teacher, not a natural thing to do for trolls. Kymon talked to Vincent, troll to troll, explained him the ways of life and the means to end it. He showed him, shouted at him, head banged him, and took pride in Vincent's progress. It was only a matter of a few years until Vincent killed his tutor for the first time.

Soon he saw himself growing even stronger, self-confident and dangerous. He bragged and challenged anyone to fight him. They did. Many a battle did Vincent lose. But some died, some grew too old and other lost their courage. So it occured, that Vincent now was truly among the best. Things were yet to change. A law was instituted, stating that no man may be killed, punishable by court of justice. This was not good. How can a killer live in a world that has no room for him.. The first reaction was rebellion. The second was smarter. He become a Hunter, a cop. A 'license to kill'. However, the Realm had gotten to harsh and there were no criminals to hunt. Thus did Vincent resign as a hunter by the best way possible: break the law you are there to uphold...kill.

And here we are, the presence. A killer not allowed to kill, A law without law enforcement. Chaos will return, Chaos is returing and Chaos has returned. Let loose the dogs of war! ARGHHH! T R O L L P O W E R ! ! !