We do not wish you to lose your way and be lost. Therefore many routes you might want to travel have been explored by us and navigated in such a way to find the swiftest possible way. Our tracks have been recorded and here they are, for you.

For a -not up-to-date- worldmap overview, click here.

All walks start from the town's temple unless the a mobname is mentioned. Also remember that some walks can be easily inverted in zMUD thus creating the walk backwards.


atalia_weramak(new) 2sdese4se9s3ese6suses2e3n
draconia harbour_moonglow swnw4n3wn
moonglow_draconia s3e4sesen
moonglow_alisia s3w6nws4ws2ws
moonglow_looran s3w6nws9wn
moonglow_rainbow warrior s2e4s3wnw3n2w
moonglow_al'khandris s2e4s3wnw3n4w9se47s
moonglow_riva s2e6n5w2s7w2s8w2
moonglow_elven palace s2e2n3wne3n4e2n4w2n
moonglow_fanhir s2e10nwn2w6wunnnwn
moonglow_kerofk swww6n3wnww4n3e9n4ennes
moonglow_midgaard s7e5nenen2e2n11e4n3w2n
moonglow_castle dragon s2e5s13wn13w3nw3nw10nw6n
moonglow_iaitanto s2ewe4s12w8nenw
moonglow_atalia s3en4en5e4nwnwu2n
moonglow_herkules s2e10n7wn2w2ne
moonglow_ofcol swww9nene8n7e
moonglow_lemuria s2e5n3e5d
midgaard_riva 3s2e2s12w2sws12w2s7w2s8w2n
midgaard_lemuria 3s2e2s11w2s2wsws3w5d
midgaard_grassy lands(fortorius) 3s2e2s12e4n4w
midgaard_iaitanto 4sn2e2s11w2s2wswsw7s2wsws14w8nenw
midgaard_atalia 3s2e2s11w2s2wswsw2senwnwu2n
midgaard_demonspace 2s20e2u2w2u2eu4w
midgaard_fanhir 3s2e2s5we5wn2wn18wu3nwn
Midgaard_fortorius 3s2e2s12e4n4w
Midgaard_lemuria 3s2e2s11w2s2wsws3w5d
Riva_ofcol 2s8e2n4e2n9e2s8w4s7e
Riva_midgaard 2s8e2n4e2n5en6en16e2n2w3n
Riva_brim 2s5w2nw6n2e
Riva_iaitanto 2s8e2n3e4sw4s3w8nenw
Riva_moonglow 2s8e2n4e2n8e6s2wn
Riva_thieves 2s5wn2w3s4wswswn
Riva_Alkandriis 2s8enn4e5s8se47s
Riva_obelisk 2s5wn2wu3wsw2sws2dnw2n2w
Demonlord_kerofk swuwwueneuuuuuuu; open trapdoor ; u7wnes6ennes
Kerofk_demonlord nwss6wnws7e; open trapdoor; dddddddddws; open door; wdeede
Kerofk_Moonglow nwss4w9s3w4sees3e6s3en
Kerofk_Ofcol nwss4w9se2n9e
kerofk_dwarfen entrance nw2s6wnw4nw
dwarfen entrance_kerofk e4ses6e2nes
ofcol_riva 7w4n7e2n5w2s7w2s8w2n
Ofcol_Kerofk 9w2sw9n4ennes
Ofcol_Moonglow 7w8swsw9s3en
rome(master scheduler)_atalia s2d2ws6wnws5w; pick gate; open gate; w4n13wnwu2n
atali_rome(master scheduler) 2sdes12e4s; pick gate; open gate; 6enes6en2e2un
atalia_fanhir 2sdese5sn5w5n2w2n2wn3w4n7wn
atalia_inken 2sdese4se9s3ese6suse2swsusu2susu2swdw2s2ed5eue
atalia_midgaard 2sdese4s5w6n15e2n2w3n
atalia_moonglow 2sdese4s5w2s7wn
atalia_sara's castle(sara) 2sdese15s5e; pick gate; open gate; 5s3ws3w3su3sde3su3s2wd2ws2w3s2w3s3e2n5w2n2swnw; open gate; 2wn8w; open door; seuse
sara's castle(sara)_atalia wndw; open door; n8ese; open gate; 2e2n5e2s3w3n2e3n2en2eu2e3nd3nwu3nd3n3en3e4n; pick gate; open gate; n3w8nwnwu2n
inken_melissa swde7s2w
inken_sodom wd5wuwsususwdsdw2ds2e3sw3sw
inken_vampcastle swde7s2w4s3e3nws3e
inken_tittytwister swdes3wnw3s2e3s2w2n3w
alkandris_moonglow 47nw9n5es2we2ses2ene3n2wn
alkandriis_do'khania harbour 47nw8n
alkandriis_riva 47nw8n5n4wss8w2n
black harbour place(errol flynn)_fanhir w3s7wnwsw2nws5w2s6w3swn
fanhir_black harbour place se3n6e2n5ene2senes7e3ne
fanhir_atalia se3e5s5e2s2e4senwnwu2n
fanhir_riva s4e4sw3sw2sws5w2s8w2n
fanhir_wuss(Troll City) se2sesd2es3wn2wn3e6sd2s3w2un
fanhir_midgaard s4e4swes4en2esn8es9e2n2w3n
wuss(TC)_merkle in SaliranValley s2d5e4s2es
merkle(SV)_wuss(TC) n2w4n5w2un
merkle_fanhir se3se2s2ese2swsw2nws5w2s6w3swn
merkle_black harbour place 4se3se2s2ese3s7e3ne
dsplatform_mirrormidgaard n2e2ue
dsplatform_greatch u2nwnuw
shire_midgaard s3w6s16e2n
sodom_inken e3ne3n2wn2ueunuendndned5eue
iaitant_moonglow e2sw4s13ene3n2wn
iaitanto_riva e2sw4s3ene6n2en4w2s8w2n
iaitanto_midgaard e3sn2we4s3ene6n2e3n5en6en16e2n2w3n
iaitanto_do'khania harbour essw4s3ene3nees
do'khania harbour_iaitanto nw4s3w8nenw

The following DemonSpace speedwalks, except Tutor 2,3 and 4, start from Mirror Portal (Flying Citadel). They are officially fixed. Be sure to unlock and open portal at the Mirror before continuing.

OT stands for Open Trapdoor, OTe means, "open trapdoor east"

Luv-Lee to the Mirror Portal
Luv-Lee (Palace of Winds)
First Tutor in Flying Citadel
From first tutor to second
From second to third
From third to fourth
Mirror Midgaard
Malifons Palace
Gomorrah (disarm trap!)
Palace of Greatch
Palace of Khorne
Palace of Slaanesh
Palace of Nurgle
Ebony Estate
Demon Space StoneRing
Demon Dragons Residence
Tower of Darkness
Strange Island
Strange Floating Island
Space needle
eessse; pick portal; unlock portal; open portal
nnnnws; OTd; d; OTe; e
OTn; n; OTu; uww; OTd; d; OTd; d; OTe; e
OTw; w; OTu; uueunus; OTs; s
nnnede OTe; e