Map of Sodom
               PC  	   Skull Gate
               |                |
               |                |
      Rottp---RoD---CDR  SoB---LCTR---DK
               |                |
               |                |			(to T)
(to BS)---PH---TR---Gt         SCG		      up/
               |                |			TER---SlR
               |                |
         GK---GH----------------BS---(to PH)
	       |		|
	       |		|
				|     \down (to TER)
				|     |		  |
				|     |		  |
				|		  |
				|		  |
			RoSH---GOA--Rolp  TgToM--TgToM---CotTG
				|	    |	   |	  |
				|	    |	   |	  |
			  WT---OP---TDT     TC----AC----CotHP
PC Prison Cells BS Bone Street
SoB Sea of Blood LCTR Last Change to Return
SCG Sodom's City Gate DK Devil's Kitchen
Rottp Room of the thousend pains RoD Room of Death
CDR Cannibals Dinner-Room PH Prison Hall
TR Torture Room Gt Ghosttrap
GK Guards Kitchen GH Guards House
G Golgotha EP Execution Place
T Tribune PS Poison Shop
BAR Black Altar Room BDR Black Donation Room
PrC Priests Chamber Lba Little bloody altar
MH Meat-House S Sodom
SS Satan's Street TgToM The great Temple of Malifon
SR Servants Room RoSH Room of Sacrificed Humans
GOA Great Outer Altar Rolp Room of lower priests
CotTg Chamber of the Temple Guards WT Witch's Temple
OP Observation Platform TDT Tasmanian-Devil-Temple
TC Temple Chamber AC Altar Chamber
CotHP Chamber of the Higher Priests TER The Entrance Room
SlR Sleeping Room