Quest Information

This part is NOT ment to help you solve quests in a few minutes, nor is it about the Random Quest Engine.
All we provide you with is names of quests, starting position, few notes and possible reward.
Please do not ask from us that we give the complete solution, as this would spoil the fun.

This list is far from complete, there are more quests in the Realm that either we have forgotten about or haven't
done ourselves yet. So if you know any that are not on the list, please send them in.

Newbie Quests (most of 'em give 1 questpoint)

Beggar (Midgaard) bring him some food and water 80 Exp, some gold
Mercenary (Midgaard) bring the flask to the mage
Barkeeper (Midgaard) Honkman should get his flask 50 Exp
Mage Shop (Midgaard) fetch some mushroom from Haon-Dor some Experience
Primus (Midgaard) go to Brian in Ofcol and tell him the
truth (and go back again :-)
Vendor (Midgaard) deliver a shot to Jenk in Kerofk, Jenk offers new jobs (in Rome and Elven Kingdom) Experience, large amount of gold
Cook (Welmar Castle) go fishing in the Midgaard river some gold
Jacobus (Atalia) buy him a new cleaver
Your father (Friesgard) visit your mother :-) and bring a letter to your guildmaster in New Midgaard Experience
Arthur the dog (Friesgard) get him some food Experience
Filthy dog (Elven Kingdom) fetch the dog some dog-food 2000 Exp
Grey-haired druid (Elven Kingdom) search for the healing potion 2500 Exp
Bracor the Mayor (village near Atalia) bring a letter to Caesar 1000 Exp, 1000 gold

Lowlev up to Mortal Archmaster quests (eq rewards)

Quest Starting Location Reward Difficulty/Comments
Welmar's Quest King Welmar in the King's Castle Magic bag, Scroll of Death, Righteous Blade, 80k Exp very easy quest
Diana's Quest Merchant in Moonglow Exp, Magic bag, Scroll of Death fairly easy quest
Belgarion's Quest King Belgarion in Riva Citadel Steel Amulet + Exp medium quest
Snail Poison Quest Harry the farmer in village north of Atalia   medium quest
Sara's Quest Sara in Desert Castle Enchanted golden disk + Exp medium quest
Quest of the Orb Mouserider in Kerofk some eq + Crystal Shard easy quest
Shiru No's ? forgot :) Iaitanto Anyway... The Light of Shiru No easy quest
Sailor's Quest * a drunken sailor in Atalia The Belt Of Earth's Power very tough quest
Shadowdancing's * Uh...some Oni dude on Iaitanto Island Cloak of Shadowdancing easy or tough, hehe
Can be done more then once
Sodom's thingy * Sodom Black Altar Avatar Equipment...(if it pops) be well prepared or die, you cant get out or be summoned out if you are loosing
Gomorrah's thingy * Gomorrah (demon space) Anti Avatar Equipment...(if it pops) you dont have to kill the guard, you can steal the key :)
Vulcano Beast Queen Xvonne on Isle of Trees 2 Questpoints medium quest
Fire Spear Lost adventurer in the Icy Village A Weapon medium quest
Hildas Lover King Knut in Grassy Land some QPs some part are difficult
Thalos Quest Green Dragon Inn / Thain in Shire A Ring :) easy quest
Darkheim Dr. Edmond Hartloeff in Silent Forest Piece of Equipment very tough quest
Moray Quest Thod in Petrified Lands A new Teacher be inventive here :)

* Don't try this unless you're at least StayMortal (level 40 and up)