To assist the newbies at zMUD:


Want to know how to trigger on Order-Channel ?                 ^(%w)~(~Mortal~)~:

                                                                                                       replace mortal with the order you are in :)


Autoassist on backstab ?                                                         ^@tank places {a|some|the}
                                                                                                      ^@tank tries to backstab


This is handy:                                                                              Group-says and as command:
                                                                                                       #COLOR WHITE

Wanna know why all those guards keep gossiping about me breaking into houses ?

                                                                                                      ^The (%w) seems to be closed.
                                                                                                     pick %1, unlock %1, open %1


Here’s how to get autosplit to work…if it didn’t allready :P

                                                                                                      ^There were (%d) coins.
                                                                                                      split %1


Here’s the quickest way to autotrack:                                  

                                                       Alias:                                     gotrack
                                             Commands:                                    #VAR target %1
                                                                                                     #t+ autotrack
                                                                                                     track [@target]
                                                    Trigger:                                   ^You sense a trail ({down|up|north|east|west|south})
                                                                                                        from here

               (put it in the class autotrack)
                                             Commands:                                    %1
                                                                                                     track [@target]
                                                   Trigger:                                     ^You're already in the same room!!$
                                              Command:                                     #t- autotrack


Two Personal Favourites of mine >:)

                                    ^You are out cold.                                  nosum
                                                                                                      osay I am out cold!
                                                                                                      Wimp 600

Wimp high is handy….a high wimp is faster then just fleeing…no troubles from lag….run like hell! Your pals can trigger on this to summon, but I guess that’s pushing it ;) Anyway….having nosum, osay Help! under F12 has saved my life in scary quests

                            ^[@victim] is out cold.                               pat [@victim]
                                                                                                    say 'HAR HAR, you are out cold!'
                                                                                                    wimp 100

You’d want your wimp high again when you’re winning ;)