Arabas' Newbie Helper Handbook for AotF's
(version 3.0, rewritten by Groo)

"A newbie is just like a baby - treat him with tender loving care."

1. Approach
After you see a newbie enter the game, let him look around a few minutes, then ask him if you can help him. Ask him so that he knows what to do to contact you, e.g. If you need help, type: tell (Your name) help me please

2. Essentials
Things you should explain first to the newbie. Tell him that you will explain important things to him and later on he will get better eq than the junk he has now.
Also get a feeling whether the newbie has played muds before.
- death means loss of experience
- flee and wimp
- the command "consider", and what the output means
- the command "commands"
- the command "help"?
- weapon skills
- guilds, how they work, how the player can prac, where it is
- eating and drink (that one does not starve without, but only regenerates slower)
- the rent system (give the newbie a map if possible, and lead him to an inn)

Some of these infos are tought at the newbie training grounds. So if you are short on time or dislike a newbie very much, you can deliver him thereto.

3. Other Info
Things that might be helpful to a newbie but are not essential. Teach these to newbies who ask for them or seem to be not too exhausted after the essentials. ;-)

- sacrificing corpses
- sum protection
- difference between classes with emphasis on his own class
- alignment
- difference player/mob, consequences if attacking player
- the "expdisplay" command
- the different communication channels
- shops, which, where and how
- potions
- spells
- skills
- training grounds
- Automatic Teller Machines (banks)
- maybe some URL's for further info ( , , map web pages)

4. EQ
If a Fellowship member is online, ask him to get you a backback or a backpack chip. Take the newbie to Mahoney and give Mahoney the chip - always impressive for newbies. Mahoney is desssssww from Moonglow Center.
If no Fellowship member is online try to get the newbie some decent EQ in the shops. If you are low on money ask a Fellowship member later on for a reimbursement.

5. Money
Give the newbie some cash if possible. Again, if you are low on money ask a Fellowship member later on for a reimbursement.

6. Leveling
The Fellowship's newbie helping should produce newbies who find their ways around. Of course you will have an eye on a newbie to see whether he learned your lessons about con/exam. But helping newbies to gain levels ("powerleveling") is not part of the Fellowships objectives. Powerleveling is irrelevant to the Fellowship and to your status as AoTF.

And always remember: