August, 6th 2001

-added a new Speedwalk
-QP-Shop updated
-Added something to The Vault

September, 20th 2000

-The "Forum" is removed. Beeing dead it's not used any more

-The "Library"-part now includes all puplications of the Atalian Today


September, 17th 2000

-Linked the zMUD-maps in the Vault
-Added Class Guides under "Aid"
-Added Thief/Warrior/Vampire to class guides

September, 1st 2000

-"Critical hits" removed from questship-list

-ZMud-maps from ZMud/Download-Area removed


August, 24th 2000

-Changed NOA-helper-handbook to Fellowship
-Updated Weapon list

August, 22nd 2000

-Split ship travelling into routes and tables

August, 7th 2000

-New chapter to pk-guide

August, 3rd 2000

-Lot of speedwalks added

August, 2nd 2000

-Spellcasting triggers in html
-Update of Equipment List in the vault
-New Co-Worker Groo!
-Shadowdancing triggers updated and *.mud file linked in vault
-Vault entry changed, contact us for renewed access

July, 23th 2000

-Spellcast *.mud file online
-RoMinator 1.0a linked (sorry bout that)

May, 8th 2000

-Worldmap of the Realm added

April, 4th 2000

-Added a list of weapon types (in 'Library' section)
-List of Herbs added (in 'Library' section)

December, 19th 1999

-List of Light Sources added (in 'Library' section)
-New locations to the Key List added

November, 27th 1999

-Quest-Point-Shop list added (in 'Aid' section)

November, 21th 1999

-Potion list expanded

September, 30th 1999

-Mob list for Fanhir and Alk'handriis added

August, 26th 1999

-RoMinator 1.0a added

August, 24th 1999

-SpellFail Triggers added, speedwalks updated/fixed

August, 12th 1999

-Updated Vault-secret

August, 6th 1999

-Help on playing vampires added

July, 22th 1999

-Mob list for Kerofk and Riva added

July, 20th 1999

-Mob list for Ofcol added

July, 8th 1999

-Mob list and map for the Newbie Training Ground added

June, 27th 1999

-Mob list for Atalia added

June, 21th 1999

-Sodom ASCII map

June, 20th 1999

-Mob list for Shire added

June, 18th 1999

-New design (and hopefully also faster loading)
-Stone Ring graphical map added
-Some updates to several lists
-Demon Space speedwalks fixed

June, 9th 1999

-New secret in the vault

June, 1st 1999

-Jhelom's Stone Ring Travel Connections

May 30th 1999

-Elmirus' list of time-tables

-Colour-map of Omelos

May, 29th  1999

-new skill-teacher list

May, 27th  1999

-added mostly complete spell-teacher list