Warrior ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’t’s’

Being a warrior in the Realm of Magic involves more than just ‘hack and slash’. Although that is what the warriors of the Realm do best, there is more to it than that. If you go into the Realm with this philosophy, then you probably aren’t going to live very long. Hopefully this short guide will help you become a powerful warrior in the Realm.


AC: Armor Class – the level of protective equipment you are wearing. The more protection you have, the less damage you take from being hit in combat. Note that AC will not protect you from spells.

Aggressive or Aggro: A creature that attacks anyone in the same room as it is. Some of these creatures move, some are stationary.

Group: A party of characters that move and act as a unit. Experience gained by the group will be divided  evenly among the members, so long as they are all in the same room at the time the creature they are fighting dies.

DT’s: Death Traps – These are rooms in the realm that will kill your character instantly, without escape in most instances. You will lose all of the items and equipment that you are carrying, but unlike dying in battle, you will lose no experience. These rooms aren’t all that common, but be careful where you go, and read room descriptions carefully, they will usually let you know when a DT is near.

HP’s: Hit Points – the amount of damage that a character can take before they fall unconscious or dies. These are very important, so pay close attention to them.

Mobile or Mob: Creatures of the realms. Some are friendly, some will attack you on sight.

MA: Mortal Archmaster – these are the most experienced players in the Realm, as they have gained the use of all the skills of all the classes in the realms.

MP’s: Mana Points – Not important to warriors at low levels, but they become more important as the warrior reaches level 40 and up. Warriors are notorious for gaining MP at a very slow rate until they reach the levels when they can cast spells.

MV: Movement – The number of steps a character can take before becoming exausted. Note that different terrain types take different amounts of MV when crossing them.

Newbie: Any low level character, whether new to the mud or not.

Staymortal: A character that has reached level 40 and has begun to learn the skills of another class.

Tank: The leader of the group, and the one that takes the brunt of the enemies attacks.

Warrior Basics:

There are often many warriors on the realm, of all different levels. If you need help with anything, feel free to use the warrior channel to ask questions that all warriors can hear. To use the channel, type ‘wsay <your message>’. To find out who on the realm belongs to the warrior class, type ‘who –c w’, or ‘wsay @’.

One of the first things you should do is find the warrior guildmaster in your hometown and go to him to begin practicing your skills. The first skills you should learn are Slashing weapons (includes many of the weapons in the Realm), followed by Kick. After that, at level 2, you gain access to both Bash and Warcry, both of which are good skills to practice.

As a warrior, your fighting skills will be greater than those of all the other classes in the Realm. Because of this, warriors are often very good additions to groups that are hunting mobs for experience. Even so, a group of warriors is not as powerful as a more rounded group of adventurers, so if possible, group with the other classes in the realm to help balance your party more.

Warriors tend to have more HPs than the other classes, so they make better tanks in groups. As long as they have a good armor class rating, warriors fill this role very well. Because they are often the tanks of a group, it is important that you do find some good armor to help reduce the damage and hit rate of the mobs that you are attacking. Again, if you can find a group with other classes, especially the spell casting mages and clerics, they can cast supportive spells on you so that you fight better and longer.

At low levels, warriors should concentrate on killing things in and around towns, or in the newbie playground. Before fighting anything, use the command ‘consider <target> to find out how tough that creature is compared to you. When fighting any type of spellcasting creature, use your bash command to keep it from being able to cast spells on you. There shouldn’t be too many spellcasters in these areas, but as you gain power and explore the realms more, you will come across more and more of them.

At mid levels, begin to explore more of the world, and some of the other cities. Al'khandriis residents are good experience, as are some of the guards in other cities. Be aware though, if you start a fight and there are other guards in the room, there is a very good chance that they will join in the fight against you.

At the higher levels, you should be able to move to most of the areas in the Realm. Use your Spy skill to check a room before you enter it, and always, always consider a mob before you decide to attack it. When you reach the higher levels, more and more groups will be looking for warriors to join them, because they too are beginning to explore the realm and need some muscle to help them out.

After reaching level 40, warriors begin to gain the abilities of other classes. They receive the abilities of the mage next, followed by thief skills at level 60, and finally cleric spells and skills at level 80.


Warrior Skills:

The use of the skills granted a warrior will go far in keeping you alive, and will also help those you fight with stay alive. There are many skills that a warrior can learn, some great, some not so great. The following is a list of the skills that a warrior may practice, and some info on the usefulness of those skills. If you’re not sure exactly what a particular skill does, type ‘help <skill>’ and that should answer your questions.



One of the best warrior skills.  Adds some extra damage during a combat round, with the possibility of breaking a limb of your opponent.  Beware, though, that using kick may cause some‘command lag’ that will keep you from entering another command for a brief period of time.  This is bad should you need to flee, quaff a potion, or recite a scroll.



A useful skill, though perhaps not one that needs to be learned right away.  All classes may learn this skill.  Helpful if people around you insist on dying.



Not especially useful.  There are plenty of other useful skills to spend your practice time on.


All weapon types

These are all important skills to learn, as they will help increase your hit rate and reduce the chances of losing your weapon in combat.  The most common weapons in the realm seem to be slashing and piercing ones, although you should try to get all of them to at least average, in case you come across a weapon that is better than the one you’re currently using



This is a very important skill to learn.  With it, you will knock your opponent off his feet, thus preventing them from casting spells.  This also increases the damage you do to them, while decreasing the damage they do to you.



Another useful skill, increasing your combat prowess for a decent amount of time.



A very good skill to learn if you are the tank of your group.  Just be sure that you will be able to handle the mob that you are going to be fighting.



A good skill to learn.  By removing your opponents weapon, you may greatly decrease the amount of damage that he will do to you. Also, like the Kick skill, this will cause some ‘command lag’.



A very good skill.  Losing experience is never a good thing, and this skill helps to reduce the amount you lose when you have to run from battle.  (Everyone has to run at one point or another, and and there are spells that will force you to run.)


bare hand attack

Not especially useful.  Only when you get disarmed or drop your weapon in combat does this really come into play.  If you die and lose your equipment, just grab something out of the donation room, it will probably do more damage. Also, not having a weapon will prevent you from using Skills, like disarm and bash.  You should always carry an Extra weapon, just in case.



find water
find food

Both of these skills are only moderately useful.  Ask someone to help you find a magical carafe.  Although a bit heavy, it will do the job if you drink from it enough times.  Find something else to spend your practice time on.



This is a good skill to learn if you walk everywhere you go.  If have access to item that grant permanent fly when used, or scrolls or potions that give you the ability to fly, then practice something else.



Another very good skill to learn.  Anything that reduces the amount of damage you take during a combat round is something worth having.


second attack

Very useful.  As parry above, but the opposite – anything that increases the amount of damage you deal during a combat round is something worth practicing.


mobile lore

Fairly useful to learn.  This will give you a good bit of information about a monster, such as level and alignment.  Note, though, that when it says a monster is level 40, that does not necessarily mean it is only level 40 in player terms – it may have the abilities of all the player classes – warrior, wizard, rouge, and cleric.  Use caution when fighting anything listed as simply ‘level 40’.


zone lore    

Very limited in it’s use.  Practice something else.



This a useful and fun skill to learn, but some of the ingredients may be hard to come by, because of where they may be (ie. The ocean, the icy plains, etc…).  Even so, with this skill you can make potions that will do just about anything a wizard or cleric can do with his spells, if you can find the right combination of ingredients.


find trap

Very handy to have, this will help keep you from running into some of the nasty traps that are set around the realm.  Note that this skill does nothing to get rid of the trap, it only finds them.  Also note that this skill will NOT warn you or protect you from a Death Trap.



Fairly useful, with this your chances of throwing potions and such at creatures is improved.  Note that throwing something at a creature will start combat, so don’t go throwing things at monsters you don’t want to fight.



Primarily useful when participating in some sort of PK (player killing).  This skill doesn’t do anything to keep the mobs from taking notice of you, so if you’re not planning on fighting in the arena or becoming a hunter, practice something else.



Similar to sneak, mostly useful in PK situations.



item lore

Moderately useful, although this won’t reveal the magical enchantments on an item.  Overall, the identify spell is better. At level 18, you should be able to find an item or scroll with the Identify spell on it.



Quite useful.  Use caution though, as track can lead into a death trap if it fails.  The best thing to do is use it at least 2 times to make sure of the direction you want to travel.



*See Parry above*




This will give you information about an adjoining room, provided that there isn’t a door in the way.  Very useful in exploring new areas and avoiding DT’s.


third attack

*See Second Attack above*



Another very useful skill to learn.  Similar to Second and Third Attack in that it grants you more damage in a combat round.  Be Cautious, though, because the farther from superb you have this Skill, the greater the chance you will drop (not lose to inventory, DROP) your weapon.  This can be very bad when fighting over Areas without ground, like water or flying.  Pay close attention to Combat when using 2 weapons, and be prepared to grab your Lost weapon.


animal empathy

Another good skill to practice.  Similar to a ‘Peace’ spell, but not quite as versatile.  This will keep aggressive animal-type mobs from attacking you, but only most of the time.



This skill is similar to Warcry in that it increases the combat skills of the fighter for a few ticks, but is more effective.  When used, Berserk causes the fighter to go into a rage, attacking all the mobs in the room, so be careful when you use it.  Also be aware that you can not flee while you go into a berserk rage, so again be cautious when you use this skill.


critical hit

This skill is not something that you can practice anymore.  The only way to improve it is to successfully cause a critical hit to your opponents enough times to improve the skill.

Questions or Comments? Contact Maul on the Realm of Magic.