The 3 Scrolls of Iaitanto






  The art of Arasoikagejutsu is the ancient art of forming one's very own body into a most deadly weapon. It was brought to this world by a demon known as Iaitanto.

  The secret of Arasoikagejutsu is to detour an opponent's incoming blow and give it a completely new direction. And once you notice that your opponent becomes unwary, it is time to aim a strike at him.

  First an opponent's attacks are classified into punches/hits/strikes with his hands and into kicks with his feet. You have to be able to see wether an attack is aimed or if it is a wild swing, trying to hit as much room as possible in order to get a lucky hit.

  If you want to deal with aimed attacks by hands, you have to block them. And remember, you block TO a direction and not a body part of yours. Arasoikagejutsu means active defense and not mere shielding.

  Attacks by feet are handled in a similar way. These have to be parried. And here, too, they are parried TO the opposite direction, as this confuses the opponent more, then just forming a protective wall between your foe's strike and your critical body region.

  Wild attacks, like sweeps and swings, are the opportunity for a counter attack. You have to aim your attack at the region of your foe's body which is most open. Again it is the region in the opposite direction of your foe's attack. When your foe kicks, aim a kick at him, if he hits, aim a hit at him.

  Remember the way a body is divided: Into an upper region and a lower region. The upper region is your head and your chest, while your lower region is your abdomen and your legs. And of course in the midst the body is seperated into a left half and a right.

  With the knowledge of the body parts and how to react on attacks, you too hould be able to master the discipline of Arasoikagejutsu.

Tarakana, First in the long blood-line of masters of Arasoikagejutsu     [back to top]


The Art Of Sakkakukagejutsu (Shadow Magic)

Greetings, my child.

  Of the many Elders of the Art of Odorukagejutsu, I have been chosen to write down the lore of the discipline of Sakkakukagejutsu. The Art of Shadow Magic is the art of becoming one with the fabric of magic itself. By focusing one's power to his most inner ki, and then uttering the right syllable, one unleashes the forces of magic as desired. But be aware! If someone has the same ability in Sakkakukagejutsu he is able to counter your most devastating spells with ease. All he has to do is form the image of the fizzling spell in his mind and utter the counter-syllables. But he has to utter them clearly, with a loud voice.

These are the syllables:

"An", the principle of Negation: Strands and matrices of energy can be unwoven by uttering this syllable and thinking of the matrix being negated. It is countered by "In".

"Bet", means 'the small'. We all consist of small particles, which means that the smallest can be the most powerful...don't underestimate this syllable. It is countered by "Vas".

"Corp" is the end of the living: the death. Nothing more has to be said about this syllable except that it is countered by "Mani".

"Des" is a syllable of movement. It means 'down'. The counter-movement is "Uus".

"Ex" is the freedom of body, spirit and mind. It can be imprisoned by "Kal" though.

"Flam" is the eternal and sacred flame, giving power to a great number of magic spells. Only the strong wind "Hur" can resist its power.

"Grav" is the energy flowing among us all. It would be all-mighty, if it would not be limtated by "Ylem", the matter.

"Hur" is the eternal wind, feeding and yet limitating the power of "Flam", and yet "Flam" can abuse the power of "Hur" to grow bigger than "Hur".

"In" is the principle of creation, that which brings things into existance. It is countered by "An".

"Jux" is the pain, pain caused to others. This syllable is highly feared so don't abuse it. It is countered by "Sanct"

"Kal" takes freedom away from others, and binds them for eternity. Once imprisoned by "Kal" only "Ex" can help.

"Lor" is the heavenly light, making us all able to see the things around us. Yet "Zu", the darkness, blurs it's brilliance.

"Mani" is life and healing, something every one of us enjoys. Yet it is ended by "Corp".

"Nox" is the hideous poison, used to get rid of unwanted elements. Only those with a good "Xen", a good health, may resist it.

"Ort" is the trivial magic used by all those puny mages of the Realm who have not yet discovered Sakkakukagejutsu. Yet it's effects are real, making it different from "Quas", the illusion.

"Por" is the space around us. It is negated by "Tym", the time.

"Quas" are the so-called magical tricks of illusionists. They lure us into believing that we see things, yet everything is unreal. Only real magic, "Ort", makes things come true. Sakkakukagejutsu uses both "Ort" and "Quas". 

"Rel" are the changes, the never-ending motion of the world. Without "Rel" there wouldn't be so many new discoveries, without "Rel" there wouldn't be ambition. "Wis", the permanency, is its counterpart.

"Sanct" is the protection before pain. Yet too much of the "Jux" syllable would make even this protection fail.

"Tym" is the time, making the world go around. It is the complement to "Por", which is space.

"Uus" is a syllable of movement, meaning 'upwards'. The downward movement is "Des".

"Vas" is the syllable giving spells a greater effect. It means 'huge, large, great'. The opposite, of course, is "Bet".

"Wis" is making things permanent. Yet permanent things are static, and cease to develop. That's why "Rel" is needed.

"Xen" is the health of body. Only good "Xen" gives enough resistance against the hideous poison, "Nox".

"Ylem" is the matter all things consist of. "Grav" is the energy flowing between all "Ylem".

"Zu" finally is the darkness opposing the light of "Lor".

I hope my child, that the knowledge I now granted you will aid you in all the tests you come upon.

May Iaitanto watch over you,
                            Hatamochi Yadake, First True Sakkakukagehito   
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The Art of Kokatsukagejutsu

Greetings, my child.

If you are reading this scroll, you are about to accept the challenge of the test of Kokatsukagejutsu. It will test your wits and your agility. Your task in this test is to snatch a treasure of great value. Yet this is not as easy as it may sound: Iaitanto in his mortal days was no simple thief. The treasure is protected by booby traps. The pedestal whereupon the treasure has been placed, is standing beyond a floor of tiles. The floor consist of stable and unstable rows of tiles in turn. To reach that floor you have to 'jump across' a gap, but be careful that you land on the first stable row! Inscribed in each stable row is a riddle. And in the following unstable row, possible answers are given, but only one is correct. Step on the tile with the correct answer and you will proceed...else you will fall a long fall.

Takashi Brahe,
                                First Master of Kokatsukagejutsu    
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