Atalian Today, issue 297

The Flame of the Helper's Order


Unsurprising result in Lord of the Realm voting


Two well know persons applied for the job of Lord of the Realm this time, Gnarf and Vincent. The whole vote was thought of as a head-to-head race, as both applicants are well-known and liked by many people. But right from the start Gnarf became ill and didn't travel the Realm very much. Vincent on the other hand launched a massive promotion campaign, which couldn't miss the voters. So it wasn't that surprising that Vincent won the election in the end with more than double the votes as Gnarf was counting. We are eyeing Vincent's new Lordship with troubled feelings, as one will clearly remember the last time he was Lord, and simply abandoned his job.


Uprising in Orcland


News have reached the city of Moonglow that the Orclands, located in the southern parts of Omelos, are in trouble. Some years ago, the orcish clan leaders started to battle for the position of BigBozz o' t' orks. Thus Lin-Ta closed the gates. During a recent interview the mayor stated that '...the gates will be kept closed until the situation resolved to normality again.' We will try to get one of our reporters through to the orcs.


Werith's back to business

Werith announced that his wayhouse will be back to business within the next year. A fire destroyed most of the building, only the outer walls remained. Now, after years of building and with new personell recruited, Werith looks forward to new (and old) customers, who will be glad to find a place to rest on the journey from Ofcol to Kerofk again. Werith promised that prices will be kept low during the first year :)


Contracts running out

To the benefit of all the travellers of the realm, the RoM Homeselling Company recently checked all the old rent contracts. Some of its customers
didn't check in with the Company for more than 15 years. This allowed the Company to expel various persons from their houses, setting them free for new customers. The list we have been given shows some very remarkable homes which are free for rent now again. Hopefully this will solve the housing problems we heard about recently.


Amazons sacked Kerofk

During the hottest days of the summer, an army of amazons marched towards Kerofk and attacked the town. During heavy battles with a huge number of  losses on both sides some mighty and brave fighters, grouped to several small teams, penetrated the enemies' lines and finally drove them back. Once again our heroes have been victorious, but as our reporter informs us, some of the teams of fighters have simply been extinguished. And rumours can be heard that this wasn't the last attack towards our cities. Will this world ever live in peace ?


Congratulations and Greetings

We want to congratulate the following people :

- Binky for becoming Lesser God - Well deserved and overdue!
- Olorin for becoming Elder God - He will whack you for ignoring the help!
- Bryont for becoming Greater God - No idea how he did that ;)
- Achilleus, Muleskinner and Darkangel for reaching Staymortal level
- Halaster for finally becoming Mortal Archmaster



Special greetings go to the following persons who came back after long
years of absence, namely:

Farlyn, Moonbeam


Welcome back!!!