Atalian Today, issue 296

The Flame of the Helper's Order


New fashion spotted with Gangsta members

The forces of darkness were unleashed this year as the three weapons which created the barrier were stolen. Everyone was stunned as New Midgaard has been invaded by mighty goblin forces and Darkheim was under attack by some deadly vampire clans. All looked hopeless as an evil version of Santa Claus has been seen in the realm too, proclaiming an end to Christmas's. The mighty heroes and heroines in the realm rallied themself and stood up for protecting the cities, and with the help of their magical spells and their skillness with mundane weapons, the forces of evil have been pushed back and the balance got finally restored again.


New Judge have been installed

The voting for the positions of the mortal judges is finally done. After the first day one could already see a certain trend in favour of the old judges. In the end, Camunda and Halfvar won the election with a majority of 42 out of 50 votes. This can surely be seen as a tribute to their
good work up to now. We are really looking forward to the jugdment of  the next crime.


Recent punishments stopped increase in criminal rate

To our own disbelieve, the harsh punishments which have been sentenced during the last year have been led to a drastically decrease in crimes. Only two homepicking incidences and not one case of murder have been reported to the judges this year. If the judges continue their good work, we will surely see some hunters get unemployed....


Paralysis dormitorius hit the populace

A new illness has been discovered! Many people in the realm suffered from it already and clerics prayed to the gods to send them a cure for this evil and cunning disease. It hit the unprepared while they have been sound asleep, rendering them totally stiff and helpless. No sound emerged from their lips and not even the slightest little dream came to their minds. Everyone went into a comatose state and could only return to the world by pure concentration to wake themselves. Wives have been seen smiling for the first time in years, as their husbands even have been unable to snore. Most people we met have been afraid of sleeping now, crouching in the temples for the last bit of safetiness they could get.


Vilyahir sued by Atalian farmer

After Vilyahir, the travelling dragon, crashed on an Atalian farmer's house (as we reported in out last issue), he refused to pay any 
reparations for the damage done. The farmer sued the dragon for not paying the damage caused by his crash landing. Enraged he appealed to the
Atalia court, but until now, none of the laywers there found any precendence case regarding dragons and reparation payments...


Congratulations and Greetings

We want to congratulate the following persons :

- Aahz, Bopper, Grundel, Merinid, Midnight, Nodewalker, Pericles and Rage for reaching the status of a Staymortal

- Axl and Gnarf for becoming Mortal Archmaster! 

The only way is UP!!