Atalian Today, issue 295

The Flame of the Helper's Order


New fashion spotted with Gangsta members

It seems that the Mortal Gangsta's got a new tailor. Some of their members have been seen with a total new outfit, all in black and
custom-made. How the notorious poor order did get the money for such an outstanding show of fashion, noone knows. It has to be
assumed that a secret benefactor made a huge donation to the order. We will try to interview some members on that topic.


Judge elections started

The last action the resigned Lord of the Realm did was announcing new votings for the position of the judges. After many people
applied for the positions (even some known criminals noone surely will vote for) the voting did start now. Among the applicants are known reputables like Camunda and Halfvar, but also some shadier persons like Chuck, Zuel and Gar. How will the vote end and, much
more interesting: Will it get better or even worse??


Harsh punishments for criminals

This year some of the accused criminals have finally been sentenced and punished. Spy, a notorious criminal, and Vincent, the former Lord,
both lost a hand and have been put in jail for thieving. Angel, Ritchie, Rathan and Rel have been sentenced to keep to a much more honest life.


Janitor's stop working in Moonglow

The janitor's of Moonglow, a many times praised people, demand more money. They stopped work today and held some meetings to discuss 
their interests. Mayor Lin-ta tried to convince them to get back to work, but they simply refused. Are these the first signs of age on our beloved mayor? Perhaps Darkangel is right and we really should look out for a new Mayor....


Vilyahir crash-landed on farmhouse near Atalia

Vilyahir, the golden travelling dragon, has been destroying a farmhouse near Atalia, trying to land at the Atalian marketsquare. The farmer
told us that Vilyahir had very strange eyes, and he strongly smelled like alcohol! Does Vilyahir have a small problem there? Or was it just
a depressive mood he needed to cure? Hopefully this will not interfere with his travel schedule.


Congratulations and Greetings

We want to congratulate the following person:

- Marlene for becoming ArchImmortal - Well done!
- Aelric for becoming God - You broke a record, man!
- Chuck, Micro, Liv and Tazz for reaching the status of a Staymortal


Special greetings go to the following persons who came back after long years of absence, namely:

Axl, Marvin and Condor

Welcome back !