Atalian Today, issue 294

The Flame of the Helper's Order


Judge elections due


After the departure of our late judge Alderan, it is time to hold new elections for the two judge positions. We have heard that among the
applicants are his brother Camunda, as well as the other late judge Halfvar. The votings have not yet started, and we wonder whether the
voters will opt for known judges or for some fresh blood. We will keep you informed about the voting with the latest polls of course, as always.


Trade embargo threatens the Shire


The entire economy of the Shire is in danger, due to the current refusal of the traders and merchants to travel through the forest. The reason for
this, so they insist, is that an army of bloodthirsty guards the path to the north of Innsmouth. They ate all my bodyguards! is what one of the victims told us. The grocer of the Shire, now unable to sell his famous pipeweed bread, informed us that he is looking for any help solving this.


Lord of the realm resigns

Word has reached us that the current lord of the realm, Vincent, has filed his resignation. The reason for this is unknown to even our most persistent
reporters, but with the new judge elections due it is sure to cause some practical problems. The ex-lord's only comment was: 'kiss my hairy butt'.
We still are trying to find out more, and will keep you informed about the procedures for finding a new lord as well.


Camunda winner of the royal rumble

After many years of absence, the trend of the royal rumble has returned to the realm. This is a kind of rumble, where all the participants fight
without weapons and armor, to show their true skills. The fight was very spectacular, and exciting to the end. Despite the obvious skill and prowess
of Destor, it proved that eventually nobody was a match for the stamina of Camunda. We extend our congratulations to him for his victory.


Strife between orders continues

Our undercover reporters have continued to make note of the increasing raids and conflicts taking place between the order of Mimicry and Deception and the Mortal Gang. It seems to have quieted down in the last few does, even though it was thought that a war seemed inevitable. Have the troubles between these orders really ended, or is it just the silence before the storm? With danger to their own lives, our reporters will keep bring you the latest news.


Congratulations and Greetings

We want to congratulate the following people :

- Alderan for becoming immortal, may he bring the realm much joy.

- Kathy for reaching the status of a Mortal Archmistress.
- Silvana, Kaervek and Hermione for becoming Staymortals.