Atalian Today, issue 293

The Flame of the Helper's Order


Merge of orders complete

Our reporters heard that the merge of New Order and the Ordo ex Socius is complete by now. We don't know the thoughts behind that merge, but truly the new order called 'The Fellowship' will be the one with most active members in the whole Realm. Hopefully they will keep up their good work in helping newbies...


Assassins got a new leader!

News have reached us that the leader of the Assassins, Rel, was challenged by one of his lieutenants for the leadership of the order.
If our imformants have been correct, Rel lost this fight and payed for his weakness with his life. Unkown yet is the name of the new leader.
If anyone can get reliable data about this, please give us a hint...


ExMo searching for applicants

The nearly extinguished order of the Exploring Mortals is on the lookout for new applicants. After a long period of glorious exploration
and research, most of the knowledge once common to most inhabitants of the realm is slowly dwindling away. The old tasks of mapping and gathering of bits of information about everything and anyone is of importance again. So if anyone is interested in exploring, mapping and gathering of knowledge you should contact the members of ExMo!


Survey team working in the pyramid

Sabara, our reporter from queen Sara's castle, informed us about activities near the old pyramid in the desert. A survey team and a small building crew have been sighted heading for it. We will try to gather any news about planned activities and will report them to you as fast as possible.


Froboz angered fellow guildmembers

During the height of the year, Froboz, the unlucky magician of Rome, failed in one of his experiments (again), and caused a failure in the fabric of
magic. For several days, no magic spoken by anyone did work properly, as he had broken the Crystal of Magic. Only with the help of Larzon, Lilith, Ritchie, Angel, Zuel and many other heroes he could repair the damage done to the crystal. Our thanks go to all the heroes and heroines who helped to accomplish this.


Congratulations and Greetings

We want to congratulate the following person:

- Marlene for becoming Immortal (or do we have to pity her?)

- Ritchie and Zuel for finally reaching the status of a Mortal Archmaster



Special greetings go to the following persons who came back after long years of absence, namely:


Trooper, Dark, Maul, Arabas, Marcus and JediJeff

Welcome back!!!