Atalian Today, issue 292

The Flame of the Helper's Order


Assassins found a common enemy

As it seems, the whole order of the Assassins found a new target: Halaster! Somehow he angered the leaders of this noble order and now gets hunted by all of the members. Hopefully his constant hiding in temples and reading rooms will help him evade these attacks.


Vincent has been voted as new Realm Lord

After some years the voting for a new Realm Lord finally took place. The candidates have been Musashi, Len and Vincent. After an exciting
run between Musashi and Vincent in the beginning, Vincent won in the end by a wide margin. We will have a close look on his work.


Farilus hired builders

News have reached us that Farilus, the mayor of Atalia, hired a team of builders to rebuild his lovely city. During an interview he stated that
'...Atalia has to be more newbie friendly again. We have to clean up the layout and rebuild the whole town.' Lets see what the hired builders
will do with it....and how much the city has to pay for that work! 


Criminal rate increased, are the Judges helpless??

Checking with some godly entities we heard that the picking of homes has increased during the last year. In an interview with Judge Alderan 
we found out that the problem isn't the thieves, but the owners of the homes. Many homes are in such a desolate condition that there is noone
finding out that a thief has been in there and stole half the inventory. Alderan said, '...if noone accuses the thieves, nothing can be done by the jurisdiction!' Homeowners, check your homes regularly!!


Ritchie has been appointed new Advisor

As Marlene, current second mortal Advisor, seems to reach for higher goals, the realm needs a replacement for her position as Advisor. Our spy in the immortal circles found out that Ritchie has been appointed as new mortal Advisor. So the current Advisors are: Lilith, Ritchie, Olorin, Bryont.
May they continue with their good work! 


Man's End reachable in near future again??

Reports have reached us from the hunters of Rodjohn's settlement, that after many long years of internal war in the kingdom of Man's End, new
rumours are escaping the amazon city. Apparently a new queen has come to power and is busy rebuilding the city, restoring it to a glory it has not
known in many centuries. The area is still closed and heavily guarded by the amazons, so nobody is able to come close enough to check the truth in
these rumours. And as the people of Rodjohn's are not known for their accurate information...we will keep you informed when we learn the truth.


Congratulations and Greetings

We want to congratulate the following person:

- Dragonfire for finally reaching the status of a Staymortal