Thief's Guide

The Flame of the Helper's Order

Thief Class

So you have decided to be one of the masters of subterfuge activities, a class that is both sneaky and swift yet are also formidable opponents in battle.  Of course, as with all classes, being a thief has its certain advantages and disadvantages. My first and most powerful mortal is a thief and I have been extremely satisfied with his performance.

First off, you will have to choose from one of many races for your thief.  Being certain races such as a human or an elf will give you a good mana base, however, your hit points will be awful.  In my opinion the most benefiting races to choose from would be either an orc or a troll because they will give you an adequate amount of Hit Points and also a stronger attack which is very important.  The reason why these would make logical choices is that as you progress through the levels of the thief class you receive new skills to learn, but NO spells.  Therefore, mana is not essential until you become a staymortal and begin to learn the spells of another class.  That extra amount of hit points on the other hand could prove crucial in a tough fight and might mean the difference between life and death. (One tip that that will benefit you begin levelling as a newbie, make sure to put on +constitution equipment before each level so that you are as close to the 18 con as possible because this will increase the number of HP you receive.

In the following guide, I will provide you with a detailed rundown of each skill that you will receive, what levels you will receive them, which are useful and which arenít, and when each skill will be used=)  Also I will provide information as to important points you should recognize in being a thief and also strategies to make your playing experience as worthwhile as possible


Thief Strategies

Refer to the bottom guide for skill description if you do not know what they are.....

Ba/Retreat!! Ba/Retreat!! Ba/Retreat!! = You better bet your butt that this is absolutely the most useful and powerful technique of that the thief possesses.  First thing is first, you have to get your retreat to superb, because you DO NOT want to be losing exp by fleeing instead of retreating.  I used tens of millions of dollars on golems before I was able to get it to superb, however some people get lucky and have gotten it much sooner than I did.  This technique lets you kill mobs that are much higher in level than you because you wonít receive damage when you retreat and it lets you kill the mobs real fast because your backstab is so powerful.......Add Knockout into the mix to dish a hell of a lot more damage with backstab and youíve got a lethal combination that is feared by all.

Damage Probability = Again it relates back to backstab again...yup want your backstab to be as powerful as possible, therefore you should get eq that will give you +dam.....(when you identify a piece of equipment itíll say you if you had a thousand of the equipment your enemies will vanish with one blow.)  This will increase the amount of damage you deal.  You can old objects such as the snowball which gives +dam and other eq that is listed on the equipment list on the dark side.  This in many instances is more important than a higher armor class because the thief shouldnít be taking much damage anywayz because of backtab/retreat=)

Definitely get an autotracking trigger working because you wonít have the benefit of such spells like rift and teleport to person to help you get around the realm.  This can let you track a mob without having to keeping typing track....There is one on this site for zmud or you can get help on other clients from another player.

Variables = These are extremely important to help you use the backstab/retreat method efficiently and quickly for any mob that you will happen to come across without having to break your fingers typing.  For instance, I have aliases and macros set up so that for instance pressing:

B will Backstab the victim

K will Knockout the victim

R will Retreat from the fight

All of this is set up for a target name so that it increases the speed of killing each mob and it wonít cramp your fingers=)


Skill Guide

1 Steal Of course this skill would be important, after all you are a thief right=)  Using this skill you can unequip weapons or equipment from mobs.  You wonít get ratted out by the parrot if you do steal from the home of another player, however if a hunter were to check the house for prints yours would stil be there
1 Backstab   The absolute best skill the thief will get.  This is what makes the thief class extremely powerful.  The thiefís backstab is more than twice as powerful as all other classes, that means you can deal an enormous amount of damage to any opponent before they know what hit em. I will show you the strategies for using backstab efficiently in the strategy section, but learn this skill to very good right away folks, because itíll be one of your most frequently used skills
1 Bandage Not a particularly useful skill, this basically helps a wounded person a tiny bit and prevents them from dying, I wouldnít put too much of your learning time into this skill in the very beginning
1 Riding Again not a very important skill, it just lets you ride horses and such
1 Slashing Weapons Are just that, to teach you to use slashing weapons, youíll at most want to use this for your second weapon since your primary weapon should be a backstabber=)
1 Piercing Weapons A very important skill to learn, this lets you handle your backstabbers much better and deal more damage.  This is another skill that youíd want to learn to very good right away
2 Sneak When you start to enter into Arena fights, (or out-of-arena fights>:) ) this skill is a must have.  It will let you enter an occupied room without anyone else knowing, therefore giving you the element of surprise and a sure advantage
2 Hide Also a skill that is useful in the arena, especially if your opponent does not possess a shiru no or the spell ďsense lifeĒ.  If you are severely injured or blinded or silenced, you can hide from your opponent and rest until you are recovered.

Pick Lock

A must have skill that will help you greatly.  Many times you will receive a quest where a mob is behind a locked door that can be picked or just have to get somewhere behind a locked door.  This skill lets you pick these doors and also if you wanted some doors of playerhomes, however this is illegal and you could be punished >:)
3 Track Another very useful skill that lets you track a mob, this is helpful in tracking mobs such as neptun, who when you bow to him allows you walk the ocean without fear of getting blown away by winds.  Also, if you are in the arena it is a valuable skill that lets you know which direction your opponent is coming from
3 Find water Just that, it lets you find water
3 Find food Boring, just finds food=)
5 Find trap Not useful yet since you canít disarm traps, but will be when you get disarm trap because itíll let you see when you come across one
7 Dodge A good skill that lets you randomly dodge an enemies attack if you are duking it out with someone
8 Retreat Awesome skill for the thief that lets you retreat skillfully after you backstab a victim without the loss of experience.....get this to superb my fellow thieves cuz you do not want to be losing experience since you are fleeing so often from fights using the ba/retreat strategy
9 Knockout Another absolutely fantastic skill that is useful in many aspects.  First off, you can knockout aggro mobs so that they donít attack you...then you can disarm or unequip item from your unconscious enemy.  Also, it is very useful in arena fights because its lets you ko the victim right away instead of waiting the 2 second lag for the sleep spell....this is a skill that is used often by the thief who is fighting mobs because the backstab will deal TONS MORE damage and will have basically a 100% success rate rather than if you ba a victim that is awake because many times you will get them solidly and they will dodge your backstab
10 Disarm trap Great skill because you can disarm potential deadly traps that you might have to remove before you can move on in a zone
12 Spy Like the spell wizards eye it lets you sneak a peek into a room one away from the room you are currently useful to spy what mobs are in the next room so you can get your macros ready to ko them right away in case they are aggro for instance
12 Bare hand Attack

very useful when an enemy has disarmed you and you doníthave another spare weapon....this lets you attack bare handed with a good deal of power

14 Warcry A good skill that helps raise your +dam probability it gives you +dam and +hit for a short amount of time so you should use it often.  plus you can make em really cool!!! >=)
15 Alchemy Lets you mix ingredients for potions of different uses, I donít use it that often that its good to have in some situations
15 Endurance It halfs your movement costs. Quite helpful if you are walking around very much and have a low number of movement points
18 Mobile lore The only important information i ever got by this skill is the mob's alignement
19 Kick A great skill to learn because there is a chance that you can seriously do some damage to your opponent, like a broken weapon hand or a broken neck >:)
21 Bash A very good skill that I use very often, I use it in instances where there might be alot of exits so that ba/retreat could get tedious.  This skill is great because it increases the +damroll of your attacks and the mob that is bashed canít use spells or disarm you
22 Second Attack What all you newbies must be waiting for, to deal more than a single attack to an opponent, I know I was when I first learned this skill, its very useful as it of course gives you an extra amount of damage from the second attack
25 Throwing A skill that is needed to hit targets with throwing items and so on, for example poitons. Yes ! You could throw a potion at a target to perform magic, if you are silenced. Or throw shurikens and so on 
26 Rescue A great skill to learn if you are grouping and happen to be tanking in battles.  If an aggro mob attacks one of your allies you can rescue that person and begin taking the damage yourself
35 Disguise A great skill if youíre fighting someone out of the arena, this nifty technique lets you appear as a different person and iirc not be picked up if someone uses locate you can hide safely if you are hurt or sneak up upon your opponent unsuspectingly
39 Ambidexterity OOOHHH BABY, no more holding one weapon only or for you newbies no more getting help from the gods=P  This skill rocks cuz it finally lets you hold two weapons at once to wreak havoc upon your foes