Michael Meier

Michael's main concerns are most of the lists and finding new stuff to add to The Dark Side.

Only online at European nighttime, his play-time is limited.

At the moment his jobs include Administration, Continent Patron of Omelos and Thera,
Immortal Advisor, and Tutor of Lilith, Camunda and Gordt.
His lastest project is the remodeling of Atalia, but for now he is more in coding.

In real life, he is an officer in the German Navy in Wilhelmshaven.
He lives in Schafflund, some 380 km away from Wilhelmshaven, with his wife, his two children and his tomcat.

Main Character: Bryont

Bryont the Ancient Dark Father Name: Bryont Saris ap Llewellyn - the Ancient Dark Angel

Sex: male

Race: elf

Class: mage

Age: 195+

Specials: GreaterGod, Vampire

History: shrouded in the dark ages of the Realm...